It's your wedding day, or maybe it's that party you've been planning with   such care. Perhaps it's your golden anniversary, or your daughter's bat mitzvah. Whatever your occasion, Atlanta's Allegro Strings will make it extraordinary.

With over fifteen years of wedding and special event experience in the Atlanta area, the professional musicians of Allegro Strings bring the timeless beauty and elegance of classical music to any occasion. What's more, as the many accolades from our clients demonstrate, Allegro Strings has built an excellent reputation for offering the highest caliber of music and personal service for the best value in the Atlanta area.

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Allegro Strings offers the following ensembles and instrumentalists:

String Quartet (two violins, viola and cello) – a captivating combination that has inspired centuries of history's greatest composers to write their finest masterpieces

String Trio (two violins and cello) – an elegant blend suitable for smaller weddings and events

Flute Trio (violin, flute and cello) - merging the enchanting sounds of woodwinds and strings

String Duo (violin and cello) - a classic combination of soprano and bass sounds

Trumpet – the rich sound of brass adds a triumphant and celebratory air to any event.

Solo Violin – especially effective when combined with the vibrant sound of an organ.

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